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5 things to automate in your business right away


Automation is a hot topic – for a good reason!  Today’s digital world is transacting 24/7, so your business should be working accordingly.  Automate these 5 things to make your business work harder, even while you sleep.  By taking these steps, you can save hours in your week and stop sweating the small stuff – giving you more time to focus on the parts of the business you love, like strategy, development, expansion or scaling up.

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9 hacks to boost business growth


Everyone in business wants one thing: more growth – whether it’s scaling up, business expansion, additional sales or new customers.  In business, you have to stay agile to survive, increase your bottom line to carve your place out in the market and stand apart from competitors.

How do you boost business growth though? These following 9 hacks can help you grow your business.

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Top Ways to Attract New Customers

The world is forever changing and standing out in a market that’s louder, faster and where customers are more discerning can be harder than ever.  Follow these tips to re-think your approach and attract new customers to your business every day.

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Business tips from two successful brands


As featured in Oasis Magazine and
Hospitality Directory

What does it take to succeed in business?
These business owners based in Cairns serve up raw and real advice on building up a killer brand from start-up. They’re welcoming visitors worldwide through their doors, and using one plastic card to strengthen their business every day (hint: it’s not from a bank!).

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2017 Budget Breakdown

Scott Morrison’s tax heavy budget revealed a hit to banks, a boost to infrastructure and a tax break win for the small business sector.

Coming out on top, small businesses turning over less than $10 million receive an instant tax write off on equipment purchases up to $20,000. The government’s extended small business boost will increase cash flow, investment and productivity.

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5 simple ways to maximise online sales

World-wide, e-commerce is surpassing instore sales and going one way: up.  Coinciding with this week’s launch of search, a new way to find Bartercard members instantly using any device, we’ve listed five ways to attract new customers and maximise online sales.  

1. Use relevant keywords in your descriptions 

Including relevant keywords in your listing, descriptions and website copy will let customers searching the topics you specialise in find you.  SEO is far more complex than keywords (for SEO tips and tricks read 5 ways to rank higher on Google), but they are at the core of online searchability.       

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Bartercard Top Trading Tips

Ever wonder how Bartercard’s most successful members trade?  In this week’s blog, we have the most creative deals and road-tested tips from Bartercard’s top traders.

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How to get stocked overseas!

Bottling straight from the source, Margaret River Natural Spring Water has gone from a small, local operation to taking its brand to the Cook Islands through Bartercard – that’s a vast stretch of water to cross! 

Serge Conti started the brand from scratch despite the competition, and has used Bartercard to open up new markets and converse almost half a million dollars in cash.

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