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Bakers Delight – Rising to the Top with Bartercard (A Conversation with Ryan Kirkham)

Whether you like your bread savoury, sweet, crusty, classic or artisanal, Bakers Delight has been perfecting your favourite breads since 1980.

One franchisee of the popular bread brand, Ryan Kirkham, has created a partnership with Bartercard, which has attracted approximately $40,000 in sales every year – that’s a lot of loaves!

We spent five minutes chatting to Ryan about how he uses Bartercard in the retail space.

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9 tips for a successful partnership

Did you know at least 50% of partnerships fail in the first 2-3 years?

This statistic alone may scare you into staying solo, but we have the insight to keep your partnership rock solid.

A partnership venture starts out as a brilliant idea between at least two entities. You agree it's a good diea, you sign the agreement, get started and things may be great for a while. But then the cracks start to show. 

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