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How to Empower Employees to Increase Productivity and Achieve Higher Revenue using Bartercard

Most business owners, directors and CEOs will agree that one of the most difficult challenges often faced in any organisation is how we build successful team environments that stimulate employee interest, create positive behaviours and build a thriving company culture for years to come.

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Is your rewards program cutting it?

Via For Love or Money – 2013 Consumer Study into Australian Loyalty Programs.

When it comes to building customer loyalty, the consumer landscape is a jungle where every business is grappling for its slice of the market.

Which is why almost every business in the marketplace has a rewards program in some shape or form to keep its customers coming back (or at least gives them incentive to return).

And it’s not just a nine-punch card gifting the 10th visit free that’s being used as the carrot. Reward programs are becoming more strategic to stand-out in the market, combining interaction at a digital and in-store level to hook consumers across a multi-layered experience. Who doesn’t love keeping score of rewards for their favourite brand?

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