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Would your business live without you?

After years of working alongside small business operators, it's safe to say that many are doing more than the average load. According to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, the average owner operator works 60% longer than those in paid employment [1].

But, that's not what you set out to do, is it?

So, how did it happen and how do you change it?

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Execute your business plan like a superstar

This third and final article about effective strategic planning in your business will look at what your business plan should include and executing it with the resources available through Bartercard

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Effective strategic planning in business

Effective strategic planning is a key tool to creating success in your business.

In my last blog - Business Plans, should you have one? I discussed the need for a business plan as a formal document, and established that in some cases it was essential and not as necessary in others. But there does always need to be some direction in your business, especially in the case of an established concern. And so often as a business owner, it’s hard to find the time and space to properly address the task of effective strategic planning in your business.

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