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Law firm takes fear factor out of legal advice to boost clientele


Law firm takes fear factor out of legal advice

A legal firm where clients love working with their lawyers? It sounds like a paradox but it’s what Vivais have been busy building – trading approximately $250,000 on Bartercard to attract new clients and take the cost ‘fear factor’ out of legal advice.

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7 tips for starting up an import business

International trade is a hot industry which more and more startups are moving into. 

It’s no new concept, but social media and e-commerce has opened up new opportunities for finding a market and setting up shop, so today anyone can start a business in the digital space without the restrictions or expenses of bricks and mortar. 

Setting up an e-commerce site is also relatively cheap, whether you decide to outsource or choose a DYI
e-commerce site like Squarespace, where you can create a beautiful, original website in under a day 

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