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Want more loyal customers? A smarter alternative to discounting and vouchers

Written by Klara Vida on 06/07/2015 8:06:00 PM 0 Comment
Every business owner wants to attract new customers, but this is why discounting and vouchers aren’t the best approach.

New customers are essential for every business to grow and flourish.

In order to attract new customers, a business owner could typically hire additional sales people, advertise, create incentives, reduce prices or discount, or sell online deals or vouchers.   

What are you currently doing to attract customers to your restaurant? 

Attracting customers in the current economy can be a lot of work, especially when competitors are undercutting prices and advertising irresistible deals. 

But whilst approaches like reducing and discounting might appeal to short term customers, it’s not only expensive for your business, but will compromise the integrity of your brand and reduce the price expectation for your market.  

Dropping the price too low will almost always certainly devalue your business, and impact your reputation.   

These approaches also don’t attract long-term customers…

Whilst they do attract clientele who will spend with you when you discount, you want customers who will purchase from you all year round to create consistency and even out cash flow.

Don’t be afraid to charge the full price when you have Bartercard.

Bartercard is network of 24,000 businesses world-wide that facilitates new business introductions, attracts a unique market of customers and provides a smarter way to reduce the costs in your business. 
It allows you to attract new customers without reducing your prices.
Members of Bartercard are using the network to attract long-term customers and retain existing ones by…

1. Joining a unique marketplace and a network of 24,000 business owners world-wide looking to spend

2. Advertising their business to new national and international markets through Bartercard’s online directory, and using the services of their local Bartercard office to promote their business.

3. Selling their products and services through Bartercard’s online trading platform MYBC which facilitates $600 million in transactions world-wide each year, offers a unique shopping experience and promotes business locally, nationally and globally.

4. Selling at biannual Trade shows.

5. Obtaining leads/referrals at business to business networking events.

6. Spending the Bartercard trade dollars they’ve earned from additional sales on advertising, sponsorships and public relations to attract customers and keep more cash in their business.

7. Engaging the services of training and coaching organisations on Bartercard, without spending cash, to upskill their staff.
8. Packaging their goods or services with those purchased on Bartercard to create value and added benefits for their customers.

9. Expanding their product line by purchasing new stock from Bartercard wholesalers to attract customers.

10. Engaging in sponsorships using Bartercard trade dollars to promote their business within the local community. New customers create a busy environment and word-of-mouth referrals which will attract more business.
To attract new customers and feel energised by your business, talk to Bartercard about the solutions they provide.
Read how one business owner used Bartercard to start his restaurant
and attract new customers.

Author: Klara Vida

Bartercard National Communications Executive.
Contact Klara via or (+61) 07 5561 9094.

Topics: smarter alternative to discounting and vouchers,, loyal customers,

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