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Why is social media important to your Business?

Written by Jeff Wilson on 17/04/2014 1:37:00 PM 0 Comment


A social media marketing plan or social campaign may seem foreign but the same basic principles of your business marketing plan apply. You will have a target market, a product or service to offer, your brand name marketing, and the customer attraction point. Are you looking to improve your online presence and achieve a better return on investment (ROI)?

If you are one of the Members who have not yet made the leap of using social media or you have a website but have not done anything with it since it first went live, then this blog is for you. Social media is the future of selling and just as important as being a member of a trading portal like Bartercard Online, you need your own stamp on the internet. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is no longer just a keyword bandied around but something you should be paying close attention to.

Consider the following current figures and I am sure you will see why you can’t avoid social media. Facebook has 1.15 billion users and 751 million users access it from mobile devices, Twitter has 500 million users with 300 million using it with a mobile device, LinkedIn has 238 million business users and 3 million business listings Short videos attract a BILLION viewers a day to Youtube and new comers Instagram and Pinterest already have an audience of 200 million users.

The minimum suggested social media sites you could use are the following:

1.LinkedIn (company profile page and individual page – if applicable)
3.Google +
5.Youtube (company channel to load your videos)

Having a business presence on these sites is only the tip of the iceberg! You may also need to consider how up-to-date your business contact details are on the internet. For example, on the Bartercard Online Directory, are your listings correct and portray what you want them to? Search for your business name online and I think you will be surprised by how many business directories your company is listed in. Not only does your website need to be up-to-date, but you need to try and ensure that all these other listings, which you may not have known anything about, have your businesses correct details and if not, corrected or removed them (my suggestion would be to have them corrected and make a list of them so you can check them next time you make a change of contact details).

Like starting and running your business, getting your website onto page one of a google/bing search and staying on page one takes a lot of work and the only sure way of doing this is by using organic methods such as blogging and leverage all the social media avenues available. Blogging is an extremely useful tool to constantly provide content to your website that, in turn, fuels SEO.  Our aim is to create SEO for our site and the cornerstone of that is our Blog, and effective use of Social Media. This is applicable to all businesses. As an example, a coffee shop or hair salon could use Facebook to keep their customers updated with specials and at the same time create great Electronic Word Of Mouth (eWOM) when their customers comment on their experiences and share these experiences with others. Just keep in mind that as good as a social media channel can be for your business, the reverse is also the same. If you make promises then fail, it has the power to bring you to your knees, overnight. However, saying that, you can turn negative feedback around by using the same social media channel it appeared in so that your customers can see both sides.

Social Media Channels can play an important role in increasing your online presences. We will be looking at each one of these steps in detail in future blogs:

1.Identify Your Customer
2.Create Your Plan and Stick With It
3.Choose the Social Media Sites for Your Business
4.Excel in Your Customer Service
5.Respond Quickly to Errors – Be Proactive
6.Analyse Your Progress and Adjust
7.Smart Use of Google +
8.Six Monthly Review of Plan

Written by: Jeff Wilson
BizzDesign – Affordable Websites

Please email me directly with any questions about
any of the above or even offer your own experiences to date,


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