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Why Your Staff are UNDER performing

Written by Ed and Bec Plant on 21/05/2014 2:22:00 PM 0 Comment


Business Owners come to us complaining that they need to duplicate themselves, they don’t have enough time and staff are not doing what they are meant to be doing.  Some even attempt to change their business model so they don’t have staff!

Before you do anything else it is critical that you understand why your staff may be underperforming.  If you don’t have any staff, don’t switch off here, as this is really important for you as well. Unless of course you want to be doing all the work in your business for the rest of your business-life!

The five common reasons your staff may be underperforming could include:

  1. Set Up.  You bought your staff into the business while you were growing. You were extremely busy; they hit the ground running and have been ever since.  For that matter so have you.
  2. Direction.  Staff don’t have a clear direction on what they should be doing. This often results in staff floundering and possibly setting their own course.
  3. Not clear on Results Wanted.  Many employees know that they want better performing staff however, aren’t really clear on what this means.  If you’re not clear on what you want, how will your staff ever deliver?  The clearer your results expectations are, the better your staff will perform and actually achieve these results.
  4. Boundaries.  Staff are a bit like kids – they will continually push boundaries until they get into trouble or pulled up.  Have you ever said to a kid, “Don’t cross that line” and what do they do?  They walk over to the line and put there toes on it, they then continue until they inch their toes over and if nothing happens before long they are walking around on the other side of that line.  Staff are sometimes like this – maybe not as clear as this example, however if they aren’t held accountable on a regular basis they will start to set up their own boundaries and before you know it, they are doing what they want.
  5. Performance Management.  You know you’re meant to do it, but invariable you don’t.  Honestly when was the last time you conducted performance management or reviews with your staff?  How regularly do you do this?  Staff hear the words ‘performance management’ or ‘staff reviews’ and they cringe.  Business owners hear the same words and run for the hills.  With both these reactions it’s no wonder you don’t get results.  However it’s just not good enough to do reviews, they need to be created to improve the business and set you all up for success not punishment.

A great way to motivate your employees is to develop incentives. The benefit of being a Bartercard member is that you can use your trade dollars to pay staff bonuses, pay for gift vouchers or even a holiday. Motivating staff with incentives will help to set you all up for success.


We’d love to hear what challenges you have with your staff, email us at We’ll send you the first step in your strategy to overcome your individual challenges.


Ed and Bec Plant
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