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Would your business live without you?

Written by Edward and Rebecca Plant on 19/10/2016 5:43:20 PM 0 Comment

After years of working alongside small business operators, it's safe to say that many are doing more than the average load. According to a recent Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, the average owner operator works 60% longer than those in paid employment [1].

But, that's not what you set out to do, is it?

So, how did it happen and how do you change it?
In our experience, the majority of people who go into business do so as they have great technical skills – whether they be an electrician, accountant, web developer, health therapist, lawyer or financial adviser. In the vast majority of cases, these skilled professionals have spent many years training to improve their technical skills. They become great at what eMyth author, Michael Gerber, labels "being a technician". They create great outcomes for their clients. They get the job done to incredibly high standards. Their clients refer other clients. They build a strong business based on solid cash flow generators, like Bartercard.

But, sooner or later, this steady stream of work begins to take its toll.

The technician gets busy. They get reactive. Business is job-to-job. They constantly feel like they are chasing their tails. They are on a ship that is in the middle of the ocean, going nowhere, except around in circles. Sound familiar?!

It's a problem we see time and time again.

Spending all your time as a technician, in operational business mode, and having no time to strategically plan and lead your business to greater growth isn’t sustainable. This is where the majority of specialised courses fail business owners. They lack the necessary leadership and management training required to grow and expand their enterprises.

Open the ceiling on your income, profit and size of your business. To grow, you need to reduce the time you spend on the technical work, and invest more time in management, and leadership of your business.

If we can imagine your business as the ship again, it means you need to step back and direct the ship on the best course to get you to your dream location.

The below 3 ingredient formula is your ‘best way’ to create a self-sustaining culture that drives positive growth, and attracts and motivates “A Players ...”

1. Endurance

By this we mean the ability to create an inspiring vision with strategies to realise this vision as well as the leadership to make it a reality. Endurance is creating a growth strategy that’s sustainable to fulfil your business dreams. This includes being agile and changing the course of action where necessary until it brings the desired results.

2. Essence

This is the uniqueness and spirit of your business that determines your operational conduct, your business values and level of integrity. It's our term for your business’s heartbeat, culture and team environment that make your staff work to support your business and drive growth, as well as assisting your customers buy into what your business offers. To fulfil the element of Essence, you need to develop an organisational culture that focuses on the experience of your staff and clients. Your business will become something people WANT to be part of.

3. Energy

In business, energy is all about creating a driving force that propels your business forward. It consists of three key factors. Your people (staff and clients), progression and performance. Your people create the energy that is going to either support your essence or cause tension. You need to provide progression to your staff and clients so they may grow with the business and you need to drive performance to create or enhance the energy that you want.

If we equate all of this to the human body, endurance and strategy are your brain. They are the thinking hub that creates the plan and outlines of how everything is going to function. Essence is the spirit – your personal spirit or your businesses spirit. Energy is the heart and blood. It needs to be pumped throughout the body for it to function and survive.

A business that leads itself is the ultimate asset.

It frees up your time and energy and empowers your staff to continually strive to achieve your businesses goals.

We’d love to hear how you are leading your ship.

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Edward and Rebecca Plant from, Lead a Better Business

0450 900 423

Until Friday, 21st October, 2016 you can download the ebook, Lead-the-Ship: How to Create a Self-Sustaining Business Culture That Drives Growth and Attracts and Motivates Your A-Team for free from Amazon!  Download here:


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